Unifi Malaysia

UniFi is a brand of broadband service offered by Telekom Malaysia (TM), a leading telecommunications provider in Malaysia. UniFi provides high-speed Internet, voice, and IPTV services to residential and business customers.

UniFi offers a range of broadband packages with different speeds and monthly data quotas to suit different customer needs. The packages include UniFi Home, UniFi Business, and UniFi Enterprise, among others. Customers can choose to sign up for a package with or without a contract term.

UniFi uses fiber optic technology to deliver fast and reliable Internet speeds, which allows for seamless streaming, gaming, and downloading. In addition, UniFi offers value-added services such as WiFi services, UniFi TV, and UniFi Mobile, which allow customers to stay connected while on-the-go.

Overall, UniFi is a popular and trusted broadband service provider in Malaysia, known for its fast speeds, reliable service, and range of packages and value-added services.

15 Apr 2023